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Dell E6410 E6510 Laptop Fan

Dell E6410 E6510 Laptop Fan
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Model: Dell E6410 E6510 FAN
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Low Price High Quality Dell E6410 E6510 F962 DC5V Laptop CPU Cooling Fan -- Shipping Worldwide


Package Content: 1x CPU Cooling Fan

Compatible with Part Number: F962 

Type: Laptop CPU Fan

Condition: Genuine and New

Warranty: 3 months

Remark: Tested to be 100% working properly.

Dell E6410 E6510 Laptop Fan 100% Warranty:

* 100% Q.C. of Dell E6510 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan.

* Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.

* Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.



How to Reduce Dell E6410 E6510 Laptop Fan Noise

The beauty of a laptop is its mobility and the variety of places in which you can use it. But if your laptop has a grating fan that makes a great amount of noise, taking it to the library or class aren't viable options. However, there are many ways to reduce the noise, from altering the options of your Dell E6410 E6510 CPU fan to replacing it with a new and quieter one.

The Software Fix

Step 1

Download and install a computer fan-control program like Speed Fan on your laptop. (See Resources.) Many of these kinds of programs can be found all over the Internet. If you have any problems installing the software, consult the documentation included with it.

Step 2

Open the program and navigate to your main Dell E6410 E6510 CPU fan. This is usually the fan that makes the most noise. Right-click on the fan and go to the controller settings. In this menu, you can control limits for this fan.

Step 3

Turn down the speed limits on the Dell E6410 E6510 CPU fan to keep it from being so loud. Keep in mind that, if you have cooling problems with your laptop, this is probably not the best idea.

The Hardware Fix

Step 1

Purchase an ultra-quiet Dell E6410 E6510 laptop CPU fan that is compatible with your laptop.

Step 2

Open your laptop case. This is usually done by removing the battery and unscrewing the mounting screws underneath your computer. Keep in mind that all laptop computer open differently, so it's wise to consult your computer's manual before completing this step.

Step 3

Once the case is open, unscrew the mounting bolts on your current Dell E6410 E6510 CPU fan. Do this carefully, as you do not want to strip the post holes.

Step 4

Remove the fan and unclip the power cord from it.

Step 5

Place the new CPU fan on the mounting brackets and secure it with the screws you previously removed.

Step 6

Reattach the power cord to the Dell E6410 E6510 laptop fanMake sure it clips in all the way.

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